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Monday, April 23, 2012

How To Make Effective Business Planning ?

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Hello everybody I am Balram Kushwaha i am sharing some of my experience regarding planning for business.

Every business it is required to make an effective business planning so here are some things which have to consider before making planning.
  • Consciousness For Planning:-

                                                    Planning will be effective only when there is a proper environment for it. The superiors should try to set objectives, review various goals and redraft them as a required for the effective implementation. The subordinates should be regularly informed about the progress of plans. Everybody should extend willing co-operation for making the plans successful.
  • Initiative by Top Level Officers :- 

                                                              It is required that the plan is make by the Top Level Officers and the objectives of the organization are set at the top level. The involvement of lower level management  it is also essential because execution will be more at these levels.
  • Proper Communication :- 

                                               Communication among different levels in the organizations is very essential. If plans are not properly understood by those who are to implement them then these may nit chive the desired results.
  • Participation In Planning :-

                                               Planning process involve persons from different levels and fields. Management should try to elicit views of different persons while planning is undertaken.
  • Emphasis on Long Term and Short Term Plannings :-        

                                               Both Long Term and short term plans should get proper emphasis. Both the plans should be integrated for their proper implementation. For effective implementation of planning both long and short term plans should be given an Equal weight age.
These are some steps by which following a businessman makes an effective business planning.

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